At The Mead, we regularly feed the main lake and our stock pond 2-3 times per week to give our carp a balanced and nutritious diet. This helps maintain their health and vitality, giving our carp angling guests the best possible fight and adrenaline rush when catching large carp anywhere in the country. Our flavoured boilies and feed boilies are unique to Olivemead Lake and are made using only the finest HNV base ingredients. These ingredients provide easy digestion for the carp, allowing them to quickly absorb all the macro and micro-nutrients available in the recipes, which in turn maximizes the benefits they get from all the food we feed into the lake.

As all our HNV food stuffs are fed into the lake regularly, they soon become a natural food source for our carp. The carp can then become preoccupied with The Mead’s baits. As a result, it made sense to start selling our baits to our anglers. This has been a great success over the years, and we believe it’s one of the main reasons why The Mead’s carp are so healthy and fit, fight hard and long, and have significant weight gains. One example is the current lake record, a young mirror carp weighing 47lb 2oz, achieving a weight gain of almost 6lb in only 10 months. This fish is not an exception. Many of our bigger carp are now gaining weight at a very healthy yet quick rate.

The success of our feeding program is evident by the large number of big carp that reside in The Mead. The lake, which spans across 3 acres, boasts over 90 20-pounders, 50 different 30-pounders, and 6 DIFFERENT 40-pounders. If you’re planning to visit The Mead, you can order any of our bait in advance, and we’ll have them ready for you upon your arrival. The current cost of our baits is as follows:

All our boilies are 15mm-16mm in size

OM Flavoured Boilies: £10 per kg – Our flavours are: Cranberry & Caviar, Blended Nut and Spicy Fruit Special. NEW OM FLAVOURS ARE COMING SOON!

OM Feed Boilies: £7.50 per kg

OM Particle Mix: £3 per 1.25kg

14mm Feed Pellet: £2.95 per kg

OM Bait Package: £10.50 per bait package (2.5kg of bait in total)- The OM Bait Package consists of 1.25kg of OM Parti Mix, 500g OM Feed Boilies, 500g 14mm Feed Pellet and 250g of OM Flavoured Boilies.

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