Olivemead Lake was originally constructed in the late 1960’s when excavators moved in and removed 10’s of thousands of tonnes of blue clay from its mineral deposits which was used for the construction of the now M4 motorway which runs adjacent to the lake. Following the removal of the blue clay deposits the original lake was bowl shaped with an un realistic depth of around 29feet in places. For a 3 acre lake this depth was extremely detrimental both to the fish which were stocked at the time and to the wild life. Detrimental to the lake and its water quality because the lake became devoid of oxygen which had massive implications on the lakes residents from the smallest of invertebrates like shrimp and snails to the wild birds which fed on these natural food sources. The knock on effect was such that very little wild fowl would reside at Olivemead and the carp and other fish which did reside in there had there growth rates stunted due to the lakes extremely and very dangerously low dissolved oxygen levels. In 2008 I made a decision to take on the massive engineering challenge of closing my lake for 18 months and work began to construct a new and far better Carp Anglers lake, a lake which would give the modern day carp angler the kind of water they wanted to fish with both under water features to find and fish to and plenty of topographical features to fish to. I went about having specific areas created within its 3 acres which would appeal to the carp and make for a more healthy and interesting environment for them to reside in. So work began and in spring 2009 the new Olivemead Lake or The Mead as it is now known was born.

Along with 120 of the original carp, I stocked 71 carp from Lana Springs fish farm, between 11-14lb, which are a cross between the very pretty Horseshoe and Orchid lakes fish strains and 20 carp from Mark Simmons which were all 20lb+ at the time. Over the next 5 years I had the lake netted twice, the netting in 2011 removing any carp under 12lb and the second netting, 2013, where we had everything under 18lb removed. Within these nettings we also removed over in 3000lb of silver fish in total and any small Tench and Pike which we didn’t want.

Now, through close management and a comprehensive feeding programme of only boilies the carp in The Mead are thriving and have grown steady and huge. The environment is superb and the lake looks like it’s been there for over 100yrs or more.

The reed and lily lined margins are extremely picturesque as are both Islands with very mature trees all around the lake with Oak trees more than 150 years old.

The Mead has become South West Englands number one specimen carp holiday venue, now holding around 160 carp with more than 90+ different 20lb+ carp and with over 50 different 30’s and 6 x different 40’s upto 47lb 2oz . The Mead probably holds more different 20’s, 30’s and 40’s per acre of water than most well known day ticket waters in the country.

Logs and Coal can be purchased onsite for the following cost

  • Bucket of Logs = £6.00
  • Dustbin of Logs = £18.00

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