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The Mead is a very pretty 3 acre carp venue having 4 lodge swims and holding more than 100 x 20lb+, 50 x 30lb+ and 6 x 40lb+ carp with the lake rec being 47.2oz.

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11 hours ago

It’s been a bit quiet the last few days but here’s Paul, fishing from Cedar’s Lodge, with one our smaller residents which tipped the scales at 14lb 8oz.
Not the biggest carp in the lake by any means but a welcome fish nonetheless, especially while is been slightly tougher than usual.
Well in Paul, great angling skills mate👏👏👏😁
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We’ve just received a very sad cancellation for this month, May, in The Main Lodge.
The dates are 23rd-25th (2 nights).
These are available to book online through our website,
As per usual it is first come first served and remember “if you’re not fast you’re last”🏃‍♂️🎣🎣

Olivemead Team 👍
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No stopping her…..

Another Olivemead stunner for Courtney who’s fishing from The Main Lodge.
There really is no stopping this angler and here she is with a mid 20, 24lb 12oz, beautifully scaled mirror, what a stunning carp!
Well in Courtney, great angling skills 👏👏👏😁👍
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This is never a post I like to make but as we have many fisheries who follow us on social media I feel it needs to be said.

So…Late last night a family who were staying at and fishing on our beautiful lake decided to enter Caleb’s garden under the cover of darkness and steal wood for the wood burner. This wasn’t the first time they had done this but we were unaware until we started playing back our CCTV.
CAUGHT RED HANDED!!!! The father tried, at first, to deny it until he realised the whole theft had been caught on our CCTV system.
Looking back at the footage it was quite comical, the mother came out of the lodge to gather bull rush stems, which were dead and dry, to use for kindling to get the fire started. She was also keeping a watchful eye on Caleb’s place to make sure he wasn’t aware, BUT HE WAS, and then the Father came walking back onto the decking with an arm full of our logs.
“It’s only wood” you might say, no it’s theft and it should not happen at our lake.
I then proceeded to knock on The Lodge door, no answer but we heard rustling and low voices. I knock on the door again, a little louder this time, more rustling and more low voices.
The young teenage son answers the door with a startled look.
“Is your dad there?” I ask.
“Ermmm! I think so”, is the reply I get.
I am certain he is there as he’s fishing from The Lodge.
“Can you get him?” I ask.
“Ermmmm! Can you give me 5 minute?” is the reply.
“No! Get him now I want to speak to him”.
The Father comes to the door.
“You’ve been in my son’s garden, the managers garden, stealing wood”, I say.
“Errrm….No mate! I haven’t”, is the response.
I point to the CCTV camera which is recording everything directly over and out to the front of The Lodge,
“You’re on CCTV mate, caught red handed with an arm full of logs”, I say.
“Errr, Errr, Errr” is the reply.
The time now is almost 10pm. I’m gutted and peed off about what’s happened.
“You have half an hour to vacate The Lodge and leave my lake, you’re BANNED!!!!”.
I felt sorry for his kids to be honest and I take no joy in asking anglers to leave my lake, it’s not what we’re about but we won’t tolerate thieves at our lake.
We always go out of our way to help our anglers and their families and I sometimes think that the odd one or two take our kindness as weakness and its those anglers who, over the years, have been permanently banned from our lake.
The real sad part of this is the fact that we had a beautiful black bird nesting and sitting on 5 eggs under the tarpaulin where we store the wood in Caleb’s garden. We absolutely went out of our way to not disturb her and now, well, she has abandoned her nest and her eggs, absolutely gutted!!!! All this for wood, which we sell and they could’ve purchased for a few quid.
The moral of this story is “don’t be a thief!” because you never know what the knock on effects will be….

We have CCTV covering our site, the lakes and lodges and should you be caught then it’s a lifetime ban and that shame of people, especially if you have friends who come to our lake which this family do, knowing that you are a THIEF!!!! It really isn’t worth it….

Thanks for reading
The Olivemead Team…
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Lodge Hopping…..

Sometimes all it it takes is a few hours in a swim to get it going and Courtney, who first fished from Cedars Lodge and landed a superb and much favoured young stockie then moved across to The Main Lodge and has landed an absolute pearler of a linear which weighed in at 16lb 10oz💪
Both carp bred by ourselves here at The Mead and both carp look pristine👌
The first mirror has that high back, a look which both myself and Caleb absolutely love and have big hopes for these carp to go on to be something special, we’ll keep monitoring.
Courtney keep doing what you’re doing, you’re on a roll, great angling skills, well done👏👏👏😁👍
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