Olivemead Lake, affectionately known as “The Mead”, is a private and picturesque 3-acre lake situated within its own 8-acre grounds.

At Olivemead Lake, we are more than just a fishing holiday venue. We are a family that has been dedicated to providing the best carp fishing experience in the southwest of England since 2007. Olivemead Lake, nestled in the picturesque Wiltshire countryside, is a hidden gem conveniently located close to Royal Wootton Bassett, Chippenham, Malmesbury & the M4, with excellent access from The Midlands, London, and the southwest of England. As a family, we have meticulously crafted a carp water that is a haven for big specimen carp and offers unparalleled luxury lodge accommodation. This dedication has earned Olivemead Lake the prestigious title of the UK’s number one premiere ‘BIG’ carp fishing holiday venue. We firmly believe that no other “carp holiday venue” in Britain can match the sheer number of 20lb, 30lb, and even 40lb carp per acre of water that The Mead boasts, and they are thriving with each passing day.

Here is Luke with the current Men’s lake record at 47lb 2oz, Rob with The Mead’s biggest common and the most sought after carp by all anglers that fish Olivemead, ‘Split Dorsal’ and Courtney with the current Women’s lake record at 43lb.


‘The Mead’ has impressive stocking levels. The main lake houses around 160 King Carp, out of which more than 90 weigh over 20lb, over 50 weigh over 30lb, and 6 WEIGH OVER 40lb. The current lake record is held by a huge mirror carp named ‘Luca’ at 47lb 2oz. Additionally, there are Tench weighing over 12lb, Perch over 4lb, Roach over 2lb, and Pike exceeding 20lb. The Mead has a comprehensive management and de-stocking program that removes smaller carp and silverfish every 12-18 months, allowing a large reduction in Olivemead’s biomass, and allowing remaining specimen Carp and Tench to flourish and grow at an expediential rate year on year. The Mead does not have Bream. Per acre of water, The Mead has around 30+ x 20lb+ carp, 17 x 30lb+ carp, and more than 2 x 40lb+ carp. It is a rare feat for a carp venue in the UK to have such a high concentration of large carp.


We offer 4 lodges, each accommodating 2 anglers. Our larger lodges include Willows Lodge, Cedars Lodge, and The Main Lodge. If you’re interested in booking one of our luxury lodges, please see the ‘carp holidays’ section. There are only 4 lodges available on the lake, which means that each lodge has access to around three-quarters of an acre of water.

Over the years, ‘The Mead’ has matured into a beautiful and impressive lake, which is well-maintained by our manager, Caleb. The margins are lined with reeds and lilies, and there are two islands in the middle of the lake. There is an abundance of wildlife on the lake, from Ducks and Geese to Kingfishers and Moorhens. The atmosphere is relaxing, and visitors can come and unwind while fishing for huge English Carp. All our lodges have FREE access to Wi-Fi and Netflix, and the lake is under 24/7 CCTV security surveillance.


At ‘The Mead’, we have our own boilies made to Scott’s unique specification using high-quality HNV base ingredients with various flavours and enhancers added. Our focus is on the health of our carp, and we regularly feed these boilies into the lake. Additionally, we provide a very High Nutritional Value feed boilie, specially designed for the carp’s digestive system, allowing them to absorb maximum micro and macro nutrients along with all the bulk nutrients they need. We feed all our bait/food items into ‘The Mead’ twice per week throughout the year, ensuring that the carp are healthy and hungry. This, in turn, results in phenomenal growth increases, which The Mead carp are currently experiencing.

If you’re searching for a private carp water that’s not crowded, with a maximum of only eight anglers allowed at any given time, and home to a large population of huge English Carp, then look no further than The Mead. You won’t find a better lake, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with your visit. You can book your holiday securely online through our website.

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